Welcome to FitBodyQuest

My name is Peter and I am the owner and creator of FitBodyQuest. A few years ago I took the big step and decided that I wanted to change my life by changing my physique. I was an unhappy mid-20’s guy with the body that I always told myself I wouldn’t have. From that day on, I started on a journey that I am still on today, but creeping closer to my end goal every single day.

This website is my personal progress journey and learning tool for others looking to start their very own FitBodyQuest.

You need to be aware that the industry is full of quick solutions, pills, and magic potions, but to be honest most if not all of them are complete bullshit and will only leave you with a lighter bank balance.

There are also plenty of misconceptions about the types of bodies that can be achieved naturally or myths that need to be dispelled in the case of females and weight lifting. Anything you read on here relates to a natural fitness journey and you can be assured that no muscle enhancing drugs will be used at any time.


Below I will include links to all my best resources for you to use to start your journey:


Starter Guides

The Ultimate Fitness Guide for Beginners

What is HIIT?

What do Protein Shakes do?

Why form is key in the Gym


I hope that these guides are enough to get you started with some of the basic questions you might have. I especially recommend you check out the ultimate fitness guide for beginners if you are a complete beginner. It’s incredibly useful.

Any question you have feel free to send me an email using the get in touch form, I’ll do my best to reply as soon as possible.