Being ill sucks, there’s no denying that.

Being ill when you are super motivated to go to the gym, sucks even more.

That’s exactly the position I’m in at the moment. I’ve been struck down with what can only be described as “man-flu”, which does exist btw, but I’m really at the peak of my motivation cycle just now. Things are progressing well, I’ve just moved to a new private gym with more equipment and better lighting/mirrors for posing and I go and get this fever that pretty much confines me to my bed.

I’m not going to lie, I did try and go do some cardio today to sweat it out, but after two pedals of the cycling machine I realised that I was dying and there was going to be no gym for me today.

It may seem like today was a complete write off, but I actually learned something valuable.

Although my brain will tell me that I should go and workout, sometimes my body just can’t cope with it and needs time to recover. I found this out by my inability to even cycle more than two full rotations of the pedals.

So don’t be afraid to have rest days, don’t be down heartened by being ill. Just put your feet up, chuck on your favourite tv series and just catch up with life from the comfort of your house. The gym will still be there when you’re fit again and you won’t lose any progress from giving it a few days off.

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