This week I am off work and I plan to do very little. That’s a lie, I’ll probably get started on my Christmas shopping since it’s less than a month now until the day. Ugh, this year has gone too quickly. It will also be my 29th birthday on Christmas day, which is a terrifying number. Last year in my 20’s. That sentence alone could give me a panic attack.

Although in saying that, I’m happy where my life is and I’m happy with how my body is progressing, so I really have no reason to panic.

The start of December also signals the start of my winter bulk. One which I plan to take very slowly and carefully in order to minimise unneccessary fat gains.

My recent cut lasted just over a month and I lost a total of 7.7lbs which is probably more successful than my previous cuts have been. My weight went from 87kg down to 83.7kg.

Bodyfat percentage went from 16.87% down to 13.02% in that timeframe too, although I’m pretty skeptical about this number simply due to not feeling like I’m anywhere near 13%, I’d say I’m probably closer to 16-17% at the moment.

These measurements were taken using skin fold calipers and using the fitmatic app to do the calculations for me based on multiple different measurements.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 20.53.14


Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 21.02.13 Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 21.02.24

Here’s my current upper physique to give you an idea of why I don’t quite believe that I am sitting at 13% at the moment.


Now my aim for winter is to add a decent bit of size, whilst keeping my fat gains minimal since I know I’m not as low as I probably should be before starting a bulk.

To do this I’m going to be keeping my surplus at a minimum and ensure that I try to eat as cleanly as possible, with the obvious treats thrown in every now and then.

From my calculations I have come up with the following calories and macro split.

Daily Calories: 2785kcal

Carbs: 278g

Protein: 209g

Fats: 93g

That puts me a couple of hundred calories over my maintenance and I’ll run this for a couple of weeks to see the effect that it has on my weight. If things don’t change then I’ll bump it up by another 300 calories split between proteins and carbs.

I’m thinking of starting to vlog my journey during my bulk. Who would be keen on following this and is it something you would be interested in?

Let me know in the comments below.

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